"A melody is like seeing someone for the first time, the physical attraction, sex...but then, as you get to know the person, that's the lyrics, they're story, who they are underneath. It's the combination of the two that makes it magic" - Sophie

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


*click on mouse*
Make sure you tune your volume to the maximum, loud enough to wake up the dead mummies buried in Egypt (what am I crapping?)

*Close your eyes....
Now imagine yourself standing at the edge of the most beautiful mountain (think Lake District in UK)...:)

Now scream your lungs out to the opening of the track below.*

Woke up in London yesterday
Found myself in a city near Picadilly
Don't really know how I got here
I got some pictures on my phone
New names and numbers that I don't know
Address to places like Abbey Road
Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want
We're young enough to say

Oh this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good life, good life

I say, "Oh got this feeling you can't fight"
Like the city is on fire tonight
This could really be a good life, a good good life
(Hell ya! When I'm feeling good, I believe that life is good!)

To my friends in New York
My friends in L.A. they don't know
Where I've been for this past 2 years or so
From China to Paris to Colorado
Sometimes there's airplanes I can't jump out
Sometimes there's issues that don't out
We are God of stories, but please tell me
What there is to complain about?

When you're happy like a fool
Let it take you over 
When everything is out
You gotta take it in

I feel like there might be something I'll miss
I feel like the window closes oh so quick

I'm taking a mental picture of you now
'Cause hopelessly
The hope is we have so much to feel good about...

The first verse:
Waking up in weird places not knowing where you are heading is like living life without knowing what will hit you. 
The song is about taking the journey in life and learning to live with whenever that comes your way; remember to embrace it with happiness, suck in the happiness and go on living!  
Because at the end of the day, we are living a good life! And we should be grateful.

It's a song you sing at the moment in life where you feel like you are floating on cloud nine, where you feel so happy that nothing can get in the way to kill that spirit. 

The second verse (My favourite verse):
"Sometimes there's airplanes I can't jump out
Sometimes there's issues that don't out
We are God of stories, but please tell me
What there is to complain about?
When you're happy like a fool
Let it take you over 
When everything is out
You gotta take it in

And even if there are issues, well, that's just life because life is no fun without one or two bumpy rides on the way, right? Yes, we are God of stories, We live to tell, most of the time, we complain and vent...but seriously, think about it...we are living pretty good lives...
I have nothing to complain about, perhaps more to share. :)

Basically, I love this song because it reminds me to be happy and to appreciate the good life I'm living.

Themes of freedom and traveling around without any worries are encapsulated in the lyrics and listening to it just give me a sense of freedom. 
When you want to isolate yourself from the crap that's going on around you, try listening to this song. Haha.

(Still my favourite country band)

So this song was originally sang by Rascal Flatts but I'm currently addicted to Tyler Ward's version man!
Awesome remake. Check them out!
Till next time!

With Lotsa Love

Monday, June 27, 2011


Kurt and Rachel did a splendid rendition of this song from Wicked, the Musical - "For Good".

I knew I like the song the first time Rachel and Kurt sang the song in the episode "New York" but what happened was that I fell deeper in love with this track after I screened through the lyrics because it is one that is so heart-felt and personal to my life.

But I bet most of you can relate to this song - directly or indirectly.
I am sure that there's one person who you'd think of when you listen to this song - most probably, that person had brought a significant change in you, made a difference to your life, shaped your beliefs, etc.For me, when I hear this song, I think of all the people around me - mostly the people I love, but also the people I dislike. At the end of the day, this song reminds me that every single person whom I've had the pleasure to meet is destined to meet me for a reason. Whether I like the person or not, their presence in my life is for a reason or reasons. They are 'teachers', 'role models' and they are the 'lessons' to be learned.

I believe that everyone in this world is on this Earth for a reason. Perhaps, they are made significant for someone else. Although you think you are stupid or dumb, you could be someone else's role model for other things.  And I guess (or try to believe) that God will always make us special in our own ways. I can't recall if this is a quote I read somewhere, or if this is just a statement I came out with myself, but I believe that "you might think you are average, but you might be special to someone else" (something that goes along this line).

Personally, I  interpret that there's also the message of 'acceptance' in the lyrics of "For Good". A friend's acceptance of the person you are, and a friend who doesn't mind your weaknesses, but helps mold you to be a better person. 
In  a nutshell, this song reminds me to be grateful because I have people around me who loves me for who I am and cares for me, and these are the people who has shaped who I am, and helping me become a better person. 

If I were to name the names of people who have changed my life, I'd present you with an endless long scroll...

But of course my parents would be on the top of my list because I've known them since birth and the huge part of my life is the way it is because of them and what they've provided me with.

I have a home, I have had a pretty awesome life all because of them...

My colleagues, my boss Stefani...

I would say my current employment has changed and shaped me the most.
My lady boss, has been an inspiration in so many ways and I've learnt so much it's beyond me. Of course there's so much more to learn but the one year journey I've had on the 'green' ship has changed me and helped me grown as I step into the adult world with more responsibility.

In my company, the captains accept me for who I am, but try to bring out the best in me. 
I am most lucky to be able to meet the bunch of people I'm working with currently. There's no doubt about it. And like the song lyrics..."I believe I've been changed for the better"....although I still could work on the edges haha.

And to all my closest bestest buddies in the world King Kong, Jessie....my pillars of strength and listeners of my ridiculous requests and tormenting vents.

They are the people who practically know me inside (not literally) and out....
I really don't feel the need to fake it when I'm with them.
In fact, I believe King Kong is the one who has seen the ugliest side of me and still accepts me.....

I think she probably might be able to mind read me soon and sometimes, it freaks me out because I think she actually knows what I'm thinking. 

These girls are like my big sisters whom I try to model (although, barely successfully)
Both of them are in my life for a reason and really, in some ways, I think I'd be most sad to lose them as friends.

So, I'd take this chance to dedicate this song to my parents, my colleagues, bosses, and my two bestest buddies because all of you I've been changed "For Good".

And to those whom I really despise, I dedicate this song to you to because you've helped me learn who I DO NOT WANT TO BE. 

I'm limited Just look at me - I'm limited And just look at you
You can do all I couldn't do, 
Glinda So now it's up to you
For both of us
Now it's up to you...

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason 
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led 
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them 
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
 But I know I'm who I am today Because I knew you... 

Like a comet pulled from orbit 
As it passes a sun
 Like a stream that meets a boulder 
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you I have been changed for good 

It well may be 
That we will never meet again 
In this lifetime 
So let me say before we part 
So much of me Is made from what I learned from you 
You'll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart 
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend... 

Like a ship blown from its mooring 
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird 
In a distant wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better
But because I knew you 

Because I knew you 

I have been changed for good 

And just to clear the air 
I ask forgiveness 
For the things I've done you blame me for 

But then, I guess we know 
There's blame to share

And none of it seems to matter anymore 

Like a comet pulled from orbit 
As it passes a sun
 Like a stream that meets a boulder 
Halfway through the wood

Like a ship blown from its mooring 
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird 
In a distant wood

Who can say if I've been Changed for the better? 
I do believe I have been Changed for the better 

And because I knew you...

Because I knew you... 

Because I knew you... I have been changed for good..

With Lotsa Love,

Monday, April 11, 2011


This is an exhibit of a simple, but good song.
Okay, if you are thinking Rebecca Black, erm, rethink

Well, I have nothing against Rebecca Black; I mean her song is quite childish, but well, it's quite fun to sing along.

But let's not go there.
Let's talk about Selena Gomez. Her first few singles were not my cup of tea to be honest.
So I remained impartial when it comes to Gomez...I think she is a pleasant teen, but there wasn't any reason to like the stuff she's doing. One thing, I'm no fan of her Disney acts and like I said, not a fan of her songs as well.

However, her latest song "Who Says" gave me a reason to enjoy her star factor.

I heard this song some time back on the radio, liked it, but forgot about it.
Her performance on Dancing with the Stars the other day reminded me about this simple but lovely track.
Her live singing, was, well, acceptable, but the dance and the whole 'live' setting makes the whole performance a good one. :)

So yeah, I think the song is great - simple but inspirational...words are just pleasantly fitted into a few good beats that get you kinda moving. I like simple songs like these sometimes...gets you up and in the mood.

So enjoy "Who Says" because you deserve a good mood lifter and a confidence boost!

I wouldn't be anybody else

You made me insecure
Told me I wasn't good enough
But who are you to judge
When you are a diamond in the rough
I'm sure you've got some things
You'd like to change about yourself
But when it comes to me
I wouldn't want to be anybody else

Na, na, na, na, na, na...
I'm no beauty queen
I'm just beautiful me
Na, na, na, na, na, na...
You got every right to a beautiful life
Come on

Who says
Who says you're not perfect
Who says you're not worth it
Who says you're the only one that's hurting
Trust me
That's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty
Who says you're not beautiful
Who says...

It's such a funny thing
How nothing's funny when it's you
You tell them what you mean
But they keep whiting out the truth

It's like a work of art 
That never gets to see the light
Keep you beneath the stars
Won't let you touch the sky

Who says you're not star potential
Who says you're not presidential
Who says you can't be in movies
Listen to me, listen to me
Who says you can't pass the test
Who says you can't be the best
Who said? Who said?
Tell me who said that...

The song tells us to believe in ourselves and disregard all the negative that others might have casted onto us.

A real booster! Fun song....
Hope you enjoy it too.

With Lotsa Love

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Lee Dewyze's  was the season I skipped as I sorta lost interest.

But since his style is so similar to Kris Allen's, I sorta liked that he won. 

But I didn't expected that he was actually that good, because to be honest, he didn't really captured my attention as he was overshadowed by the likes of Casey and Crystal.....But oh well, it's not fair for me to judge since I didn't watch the show at all, and practically skipped all his performances.

I discovered his talents through Youtube when I was busy searching for Kris Allen's tracks. His  rendition of "Everybody Hurts" was what captured my attention, because it was so good! 

I began to start searching for more of his songs - but then again, his best was still "Everybody Hurts", although his rendition of U2's "Beautiful Day" did come close. 

Was pretty excited when his first single, "Sweet Serendipity" was released, but to be honest, it was only so-so to my ears the first time I heard it...not like those songs that just capture you like "WOW".

The song's melody was okay, but sadly, can't really hear the words he was singing and so, I wasn't really enjoying it. 

But like certain songs I love, it takes a few times before the ears start liking what they hear. It was while I was stuck in a traffic jam, where I really understood what Lee was conveying through this track and it strikes me at the moment that THIS IS A GREAT SONG! 

The song is meaningful and I believe it contains 3 simple messages that I believe in:
 - "Don't Worry, Be Happy"...(because...)
- "Things Happen when you least expect it"
- And I guess, it tells us to be grateful too. :)

I feel like I do live by the words he is singing; and if I get too low or sad, I'll try to remember the messages...

 "Sweet Serendipity" by Lee Dewyze

I ain't got no car
And I got one pair of jeans,
They've been stretched too far
And now they are weak at the seams
I can't say what's next
And I've got nothing up my sleeve
But I don't lose my head
'Cause it really ain't up to me

Sometimes, we might feel that we do not have as much as what others have but we should be grateful for what we have around us. We can't predict our future, what's gonna happen next, so there's no point being upset or sad about the situation we are in. The best thing to do is to enjoy what we have now and live the moment. :D 

I try to do that every day, try...I'm only human, and there's only so many days I can fake a smile and be happy and disregard all the sadness. But come to think of it, at the end of the day, being sad about a situation is the worst thing you can do because it is useless. 

And I'm doing just fine
I'm always landing on my feet
In the nic of time
And by the skin of my teeth
I ain't gonna stress
'Cause the worst ain't happened yet
Something's watching over me like
Sweet serendipity

My dad said the other day, looking back, didn't we make it through all our hardships?
Yes, it wasn't the easiest times of our lives - we struggled and we fell and we learned and we've been sad, we've cried....but at the end of it....didn't we pull through?

That's the thing about life - we just need to get through that particular rough patch. There's always a rough patch but we only need the patience and the strength to go through it. 

It's true that I feel that I'm doing just fine although there were a couple of times, I've felt so low that I felt I can't climb back up. But just like sang in the song, I know there's something or someone out there watching over me and every time, I made it through; we made it through. One thing I always force myself to think is that "Everything is temporary, you won't be sad for too long".

I don't ask for a lot
No nothing more than I need
Because I love what I got
Don't need to play the lottery
I just want to be strong at the end of the road
I don't want to hold on
I want the strength to let go

I have my requests but at the end of the day, although I do feel sad sometimes when I don't get the things I want, I've learned to be thankful for all the great things I have. I really do love everything that I've got, and really, I shouldn't be asking for more. :)

And if there's one thing I ask for more than anything, is the strength to go through every day - strength to go through the problems, the challenges, the things I hate, the people who get in the way...strength to face all of this and still be happy. 

And the most important of all, it is true that we need strength to let go because I feel that it there is one thing that's hardest to do, it is to learn to let go. Letting go is really tough although it seems easy saying it. 


Don't look fate can only find you
You can't choose for something to surprise you
Set sail without a destination
Just see where the wind will take you
You never know when you're gonna fall
But I'm not worried
No I'm not worried....

Yep, that's how I live life sometimes - no planning what-so-ever...
I just go by the sway of the winds, I guess it's bad in some ways, but sometimes, I feel that planning too far is a waste of time because you just don't know what will happen anyway, and chances are, things might not even turn out the way you planned. So really, why waste time planning when I can just live the moment? 

That's how I have always opted to think. When people ask me, where do I see myself 30 years from now...I can't really give a definite answers...there are so many things I want to do, and I guess I can only tell them what I will try to do and do whichever that presents the opportunity at the right time.

I've learned that there's no point pushing things, no point wanting desperately for something....don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm asking you not to fight for it, or not to work hard for something; I'm just saying, you'll have to learn to let go when the time isn't right. I have learned that sometimes, things might not work out the way I want it to be (for example, I still did not manage to be a journalist, as I aspired to), but in the end, things are working out for me in different ways. And I'll never know what will happen and what I'll end up doing 10 years from now.

So the best thing to do is live the moment and wait for your sweet serendipity. It comes quite often. :)

Enjoy the video. I really love it. Very nicely done; simple but nice to watch. 

With Lotsa Love

Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is an example of a song in which I just casted aside for no particular reasons, mainly because I generalized most of these songs as the same - sounds great melodically, but with lame lyrics about love and so, I never really bothered to give them a chance.  I guess the fact that we are not very good in Mandarin also fended me from these types of songs - I usually never bothered to listen to the lyrics in particular.

It started off with me teasing my sister for listening to songs like these (all music, no substance) when she played it on her computer. She then told me that this is a very meaningful song. She explained that she too teased her friends during Karaoke session when they sang it, before she realized how meaningful this song is.

Can't help it but give it a listen because to be honest, the song does sound nice melodically. 
Then I realized that my sister is right - the song is really meaningful and inspirational. 
I decided to share this song on the 1st of January 2011, because I think personally, it is a good song to start a new year, the perfect song to greet an older me - a song to push me forward and embrace whatever hardship or challenges that are about to come my way in 2011.  

I guess I suddenly thought of this song as I was driving towards Wangsa Maju yesterday to meet my college friends. It has been more than a year since I went back to the place I had some of the best memories - my college life where I met some of the best friends, whom all I've developed great affection for. I realized how grown up I've became since. I remember being the freshly out of Secondary school 17-year-old, waiting to embrace whatever college has to offer. Then it was a series of learning how to cope with the new environment, new people, new style of studying, basically a whole new life.  

Then 22 brought us all to Liverpool where we embarked on another great life journey. There I found another batch of great friends, whom I shall also treasure for life and whom I will love dearly. Great  and happy moments passed very fast because in a blink of the eye, I found myself thrown into the world of grown-ups, working and making a living. 

There were so many tough times that I've waded through (although compared to many, my 'tough times are really peanuts) and I believe that there'll be more times like that in which I'll feel like not going on anymore. This song is a reminder of the fact that as we grow up, we have to learn to face the challenges ourselves and move on a step at a time. 
It's about discovering yourself as you grow up and mature as a person, about chasing your dreams and finding the path in life that leads you there - thus, a great song to get me motivated for 2011!!!! 

Due to the fact that I'm only about 50% Mandarin literate, I'll try my best to explain this song in English.

My Way by Hins Cheung

Yi zhi zai yun niang, Yi zhi zai pan wang
Baba he mama, wei yi de li xiang
Er yue di yi tian, yi jiu ba yi nian
Wo di yi ci dui ta men zha le zha yan

I was waiting in my mum's womb and I was my parents hope and pride,
February 1st, 1981 was the first time I said "hi" to my parents

Deng dai kuai dian guo qu, duo shao ge ming tian
Xi wang zhe ge bao bei kuai kuai zhang da yi dian yi dian
Shen ti yao jian kang suo you de shi qing dou ru suo yuan
Baby zhang da yi hou jiu shi xiao xuan

My parents waited eagerly everyday 
Wishing that their baby boy will grow up fast and healthily, nothing else mattered
Their son's name is Xiao Xuan 

I will find my way, I want a different way
After the wind and rain,

There'll be a brand new day
Xiao shi hou shou shang you ren xin tong, shi luo you ren an wei
Xian zai yu dao kun nan zi ji jiu yao xue hui mian dui

When you were small, 
There'll always be someone to comfort you when you get hurt 
But now when you meet challenges and difficulties, you will need to learn to face them yourself

I will find my way, I want a different way
Nothing will stop me now, No matter what they say

Kun nan yao yong wo de jian qiang he nu li yong gan mian dui
Xian zai yong xin qu zhui, gan jue jiu dui
I'll find my way

When faced with difficulties, I will need to persevere and work hard to face them myself
I will need to chase and pursue my dreams passionately and follow what my heart says 

Yi zhi jiu zhe yang, zhao wo de fang xiang
So this has how it has been, trying to find my direction
Bu li hui bie ren qi guai de yang guang
I disregard how others viewed me
Zhi dao you yi tian, wo hu ran fa xian
Until one day, I realized that
Meng xiang yi jing zai shi xian,
I'm getting closer to achieving my dreams

Deng dai kuai dian guo qu duo shao ge ming tian
Kan zhe zi ji yi jing man man zhang da yi dian yi dian
Wo de sheng huo ying gai rang wo zi ji xue hui zhang wo
Xiang xin zi ji, bu pa feng yu zai duo

As days passed and I realized that I've grown up little by little,
I should grab hold of the opportunities and decide my own fate,
Believe in myself, no matter what comes my way


Ain't the song beautiful?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Okay, call me pathetic (PATHETIC), but you gotta admit that this song is darn romantic right?

What if a guy waited for you all these years, at the corner of the street where you two met?
Oh come on, that is sweet...
But at the same time, I feel sad for the dude if the girl has really moved on with her life.

This song is beautifully written...great choice of words I must say. A story told in the best possible words. Love it! 
Rhyming is excellent....

I know this song was popular some time back and I'm sorta like the late 'adopter' so to speak, but seriously, it's never too late for a good song.

Going back to the corner where I first saw you,
Gonna camp in my sleeping back, I'm not gonna move,
Got some words on cardboard, got your picture in my hand,
Saying if you see this girl, can you tell her where I am

Some try to hand me money, they don't understand
I'm not broke, I'm just a broken hearted man,
I know it makes no sense, what else can I do
How can I move on
If I'm still in love with you

'Cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me
And your heart starts to wonder where on this Earth I could be
Thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we meet
And you'll see me waiting for you at the corner of the street

So I'm not moving, I'm not moving....

Policeman says, "Son you can't stay here"
I say there's someone I'm waiting for if it's a day, a month or a year,
Gotta stand my grounds even if it rains or snows
If she changes her mind, this is the first place she will go

People talk about the guy, who's waiting on a girl
There are no holes in his shoes, but a big hole in his world
Maybe I'll get famous as the man who can't be moved
And maybe you don't mean to but you'll see me on the news
And you'll come running to the corner
'Cause you'll know it's just for you

So I'm not moving...........

I don't know why but I feel sad listening to this song. It's a sad song...if you are a pessimist, like me.

And I'm always touched when someone does something beautiful for the person he/she loves.

A guy who would wait for you, on the corner of the street you meet? Oh well, I mean I know for sure that not all guys would do that, but I guess there is always one jewel among the other crap. 

I don't expect guys to do special things like this for me, but when I see some guys doing such beautiful things for the woman they love, I can't help but feel really touched. Oh hello, I'm still a girl and every girl has that romantic fairytale side in them whereby they wish for a prince charming. But of course, as we grow up, we've learned to accept the harsh reality. Nevertheless, there are a few lucky ones who manage to find Prince Charming. :)

"The Man Who Can't Be Moved" is one of those great guys out there...

With Lotsa Love,